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Applications need to be in before 31st December 2021

Offer strictly ends


Grand Promotion

Your premier gateway partners
to Australian universities
and institutions

1st 5 Visa Grants

70% Commission

6th Visa Bonus

100% Commission

7th Visa Grant Onwards

75% Commission

Agents will receive 70% commission for every 5 student visas granted.

When the 6th student’s visa is granted, agents will receive 100% commission for that 6th student.

From the 7th student visa granted onwards, agents will then receive 75% commission

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Nikhil Malik

Regional Manager

EVERY 6TH VISA FROM THEN ON WILL RECEIVE A BONUS OF 100% COMMISION. For example 6th, 12th, 18th, 24th and so on will receive the bonus.

*Minimum of 5 applications before the 31st December 2021