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Planning To Study A University Course?

We strongly suggest you read this page to understand which course is suitable for you!

What is Higher Education?

In Australia, Higher education which is also referred to as tertiary education is delivered by higher education provider is either a university, a self-accrediting provider, or a non-self-accrediting provider. 

Any qualification which starts from a bachelors degree level is considered as Higher education.

So, if you plan to study a bachelor’s degree, master or a PhD, then you are typically looking at studying with a public or a private university. 

Have a look at the diagram on the right, you will see what the AQF framework in Australia states. 

Any courses that starts from level 1-6 are typically hands on Vocational courses. Anything from level 7 is Higher education or University courses.

Why Study at University?

The job market is extremely competitive and skilled employees are high in demand.

A university education will help you succeed in today’s workforce and establish an enjoyable career of your choice.

  • Improve your prospects for life
  • Establish professional connections
  • A world of opportunities with a university degree
  • Skills for all occasions
  • You gain true independence
  • The power to do what you love

Who offers Higher education courses?

Australia has built a strong reputation for excellence and quality across its higher education and training programs. The large number of international students who want to pursue higher education in Australia reflect this global reputation.

Higher education courses are offered by universities, private colleges, and some TAFE institutes. Some professional courses — such as medicine, veterinary science, law and architecture — are only offered by universities.

University Course Duration

Diploma:Duration = 1 -2 years

Bachelor’s degree:Duration = minimum of 3 years

Bachelor Degree (Honours):Duration = 4 years

Graduate Certificate:Duration = 6 months

Graduate Diploma:Duration = 12 months

Master’s Degree (Coursework):Duration = 1 – 2 years

Master’s Degree (Research) – MPhil:Duration = 1 – 2 years

Doctoral Degree: (Doctor of Philosophy – PhD) Duration = usually 3 year

University Courses vs Vocational?

University courses tend to focus more on brain work, a lots of theoretical learning, exams and assessments to prepare you for jobs that are more office based, white collar jobs. Whereas, a vocational course focuses on competency based learning, which means that you do things physically to learn. 

If you want to become a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer, studying at a university is the way to go! But if you wish to have a technical skill, then you are looking at studying a vocational course.

Doesn’t matter where or what course you study, in Australia, both Vocational and degree outcomes pay we equally well!

Is there a demand of people who study Higher Education courses?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Australian education system is highly regulated and all our universities both public and private offer extremely HIGH quality courses which are recognised all over the world!

As for Professional jobs, Australia is always in need for qualified professionals. 

Examples of University - courses career outcomes

  • Business Analyst
  • Doctor
  • Nursing
  • Architect
  • Engineer
  • Lawyer
  • IT Technician
  • Accountant
  • Software Developer
  • Pilot
  • Aerospace engineer etc…

Categories of University Courses

  • Duration – 3 to 5 Years (Depending on which course)
  • Duration – About 1-2 years (From Bachelor’s level)
  • Duration – About 2 years (from masters level)

Benefits? Can I work after I finish my course?

By completing ANY university course which is registered for 92 calendar weeks or completing your study in 16 calendar months, you might be eligible for a VISA 485 which will let you stay in Australia & WORK for 2-5 years based on which type of degree you have completed. 

The length of your stay in Australia will depend on the level of your Australian study qualification.

  • bachelor degree (including honours): 2 years
  • masters by coursework: 2 years
  • masters by research: 3 years
  • doctoral degree: 4 years
  • Hong Kong passport holders who successfully complete a bachelor, masters or doctoral degree: 5 years

You can also bring your family with you!

All you need to do is complete ANY higher education course which which registered for 92 wks as mentioned above and most importantly, have an overall score of 6 in IELTS  (no band less than 5)

Average tuition costs

  • The average cost of a bachelor’s degree is AUD$15,000 to $33,000/per year
  • Master’s degree: AUD$20,000 to $37,000 per year
  • Doctoral degree: AUD$14,000 to $37,000 per year

All Pathway Courses Application

  • Secondary Education
  • English Language Courses (ELICOS)
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Technical and Further Education (TAFE)
  • Foundation Courses
  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate

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