Can I apply for the master’s degree of Social work in Australia if I did not study social work as an undergraduate?

It is generally believed that the main job of a social worker is to provide counseling services or professional methods to get you the social welfare you deserve. However, the responsibility and mission of a social worker is much bigger than that.

The responsibility of social workers is to solve the widespread personal crisis and the problems of unfair and unjust treatment in society through their own efforts. As one of the countries with the highest social welfare, Australia has more demand for social workers. Social workers mainly work for the government and receive a stable salary.

In terms of learning, social work studies focus on concepts and issues that are relevant to society, such as ageing, the impact of alcohol and drug overuse, power, Indigenous Australia, community management, and concepts of social work theory and practice. During the internship, students will experience the role of a social worker, develop social worker counselling skills and other skills necessary for social workers, and prepare for their future careers.

Social work is an option for both bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Applicants for Master’s degrees must have prior relevant work experience or a certain professional background, including sociology, psychology, political science, social science, philosophy, international relations, law, nursing education, etc. Therefore, the 6-month package of courses at the University of Western Sydney will enable students to meet the entrance qualifications while at the same time, Save the time and cost of restudying undergraduate major.

Course hilights

Leadership Supported by Industry Certification (AASW& ACWA)

The class consisted of 1,008 hours of internship

Positivism ensures future job opportunities because Sydney’s population is expected to reach three million by 2036 and there will be an increasing demand for social worker services.

Career development

The number of people living in Sydney will continue to rise. It is estimated that by 2036, the population of Sydney will reach 3 million, which means that the society will need more labor force to meet the increasing demand for social welfare institutions. It is estimated that by 2025, the demand for social workers will reach 34,600 positions. The government of New South Wales has decided to build Greater Western Sydney into the future CBD to solve the problem of saturation of development space in Sydney City CBD. The government has actively developed Greater Western Sydney. For example: Sydney Science Park (SSP), Westmead Medical District, Western Sydney International Airport, etc.

The University of Western Sydney is located in the western part of Sydney. We have deep connections with enterprises, governments, social welfare organizations and other partners in the western part of Sydney. The geographical advantages of the university make graduates of the University of Western Sydney more advantageous in the workplace.

The salary of social workers is also very satisfactory. The average annual salary of social workers in New South Wales is Australian $85,878.

Career outcome

Every level of society needs the assistance and support of social workers, so social workers have a wide range of employment opportunities. The main targets of social workers are: Federal Government (Centrelink), State Government (child protection, health, disability, mental health, schools), community (domestic violence, drug and alcohol, social housing, aged care, multicultural services for large charities, religious institutions, small to medium organisations), private practice (Medicare, NDIS).

Graduates of the Social Work undergraduate program can work in the fields of social policy development, advocacy for vulnerable groups, civil service, etc., including social workers and psychological counselors. Graduates of the social work graduate programme may pursue careers as youth workers, policy advisers and academics.


Master of Social Work bridge course – 6 months | Postgraduate Bridging Program (Social Work)

  • After the completion of the bridge course, I will proceed directly to the Master of Social Work professional course
  • Admission requirements: A bachelor’s degree in any subject background
  • IELTS requirement: An overall score of 6.5 with at least 6 in each item
  • Campus: Liverpool/Parramatta Campus
  • Commerce: July
  • Tuition fee: AUD $14,040

Master of Social Work – 2 years | Master of Social Work (Qualifying)

  • Admission requirements: A bachelor’s degree in health, education or social and cultural fields (at least
  • Complete 8 courses in social science or psychology)
  • IELTS: 7.0 overall with at least 6.5 for each item
  • ParramattaCity Campus
  • Commerce: March
  • Tuition Fee: AUD $28,080/ year

Undergraduate degree in Social Work, four years | Bachelor of Social Work

  • Admission requirements: A three-year average score of 80% in domestic high school or a grade of science in the national College Entrance examination
  • IELTS requirement: 6.5 overall with at least 6.0 for each item
  • Campus: Liverpool/ ParramattaCampus
  • Commerce: March
  • Tuition: AUD $26,240/ year


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