The University of Sydney offers a new PhD in physiotherapy

The University of Sydney will introduce a new Doctor of Physiotherapy degree in 2024. This new PhD in Physiotherapy will replace the current Master’s degree in Physiotherapy, the final intake of which is due in 2023, so those who want to apply for the Master’s degree in Physiotherapy will still be able to apply now, but after 2023 they will be able to apply for the PhD in Physiotherapy.

The new PhD in Physiotherapy is a three-year professional qualification that includes advanced clinical training and will ensure graduates enter the industry with the broad skills and professional confidence to better treat their patients.


The PhD in Physical Therapy involves an enhanced model of clinical experience that will allow for a better integration and continuous development of theoretical knowledge, clinical skills and clinical reasoning. Students will have the opportunity to gain high-level practical training, evidence-based practice, and develop an advanced and integrated understanding of the complex body of knowledge in the field. Through clinical placements in public and private clinics in urban Australia and in rural health facilities, our students will be prepared to meet the future needs of patients and their communities.

The university is currently on track to receive formal accreditation notice from the Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC) before students begin their studies in 2024. Once certified, graduates are eligible to register as physiotherapists, as the degree includes approximately 888 hours of work integrated study hours, also mandated by the APC.

Entry requirement

When applying for a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy, applicants must meet five separate criteria, including the submission of supplemental forms that are not required for admission to a doctoral program in physical therapy. There is no knowledge requirement and applicants of undergraduate degrees in any field are eligible to apply for a new degree.

In order to be eligible to apply for a PhD in Physical therapy, applicants need to hold an undergraduate degree and a minimum weighted score average (WAM) of 70/100 (credit average).


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