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In what cases do I need to apply for an Australian No Crime certificate?

Australia attaches great importance to the identity of visa and immigration applicants, who have lived in any country for more than 12 months in the past 10 years, you need to provide relevant proof of no criminal record. If you have completed 2 years of postgraduate studies in Australia and now want to apply for an Australian work visa, then you need to apply for a certificate of no crime in Australia, and provide the address and time of your residence in Australia and overseas in the past 10 years.

The online National Police Check (NPC) application is for individuals with access to:

  • A valid credit/debit card for payment;
  • An email address for confirmation of submission and subsequent communication;
  • A PDF viewer (if you are unsure, click here to check if you have a PDF viewer installed); and
  • The ability to scan documents into .JPG .PDF or .TIF formats with each file being no more than 4 megabytes in size.

Step 1

Enter the NATIONAL POLICE CHECK (NPC) ONLINE APPLICATION FORM ,read the terms and conditions after checked the lower left corner “have read the above instructions.

Step 2

Provide a minimum of 100 points of documents.

Applicants check the documents that meet 100 points and above, here are a few choices for reference:

  • Foreign passport 70 + Student card 40, or
  • Foreign passport 70 + bank statement 25 + Bank statement 25, or
  • Foreign passport 70 + Australian driver’s license 40

These application certification materials are based on the actual situation of the applicant, as long as you provide more than 100 points of the document can be checked after the check of the document.

Step 3

Fill in the personal information and email address, it is recommended to fill in the foreign mailbox in order to receive and submit audit information, remember to check the junk mailbox often, after the application will send a confirmation email and Reference Number to the mailbox.

If you are applying for an AFP visa for immigration and work visas, Select 33-Immigration/Citizenship – for supply to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection at 2.3 Purpose of Check. Therefore, everyone must be clear about the purpose and what to handle before applying for AFP.

Step 4

The Step 4 is to upload the file selected in step 2, accept the format of jpg, pdf or tif, and the file size does not exceed 4MB. If you select the foreign passport and driver’s license in step 1, scan the passport and driver’s license in color, click “Choose file” to upload the file, and finally check “uploaded files that meet 100 points”.

Step 5

Step 6

Fill in the applicant’s international name, place of birth, name, contact number and address.

If you have a previous name, select YES at the bottom of 5.2 “Other Names” to connect to the new form to fill in the previous name information.

When filling in the Current Address in 6.1 “Current Residential Address”, you should write the date of check-in

Step 7

Final check the information you wrote are correct and confirm payment.


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