How to write a GTE to meet Australian student visa requirement?

The full name of GTE is Genuine Temporary Entrant, which literally means “genuine temporary entrant”. Therefore, the purpose of this article of GTE is to clarify the intention of entering the country (study) and explain that they will only stay for a short time.

As a personal statement, the most important thing is authenticity. All the facts stated in the article must be absolutely true.

In accordance with the requirements, the following factors will be considered in determining whether a genuine applicant is entering the country to study as a student: English language proficiency, financial ability, and necessary educational background; Age requirements and whether you intend to comply with the visa conditions.

  1. The actual situation of the student in the host country

Such as family background and financial situation.

Family information can be written about domestic kinship, social relations, assets in the country, etc.

The financial information can be written about the family’s financial sources, how much their tuition fees are for a year, who is responsible for living expenses and tuition fees in Australia, and whether the donor has a serious and stable income.

The main purpose of writing these is to show the immigration officer that you have a strong desire to return home and have sufficient financial conditions to study in Australia.

  1. The student’s future situation in Australia

Which school and major did you apply for?

What is the geographical location of the school?

When does the course start/required courses/term length/tuition fee?

Why do you choose this school/major? (Is it related to your previous major?)

If a spouse applies to accompany the student at the same time, it is necessary to explain the specific situation of the spousal relationship.

  1. Student’s immigration history

Have you ever been refused a visa?

Have you violated the terms of your visa?

  1. The value that the course brings to the student’s future

Equivalent to examining students’ career planning and future development:

Specific expectations/plans for your future work?

Expectations for future income?

Will you continue your study after graduation? Where would you choose?

The main purpose is to understand the students’ plans for their future study, work and life, and to a certain extent, it is also to investigate the study purpose of the applicant and whether he has the intention of immigration.

  1. Any other matters relating to the applicant’s intended temporary stay

For example, if the student is a minor, it is necessary to elaborate on the custody of the student in Australia.

Basically speaking, as long as the above five questions can be elaborated, and meet the “authenticity” and provide the corresponding material proof, you can meet the basic requirements of a GTE.


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