Compare one-year and two-year Master of Engineering programs

The Faculty of Engineering at Monash University has world-class facilities to offer students such as Co-op internship program, Work Integrated Learning Internship program, all undergraduate courses and professional Master of Engineering are accredited by the Institution of Engineers Australia (EA), The new 1-year Master of Engineering program is dedicated to training future engineering experts who combine engineering expertise with leadership.

According to the latest update to Engineering Australia’s List of Engineering Certification Programmes, Engineering Undergraduate and Master’s Programmes (MPE) of Monash University are accredited by Engineer Australia. At the same time, the Institution of Engineers Australia is a member of the Washington Accord, which means that undergraduate engineering degrees obtained by graduates are automatically recognized by the other 17 member countries.

Faculty of Engineering progrms

  • Master of Engineering

Majors: Biological engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical engineering; Materials engineering; Mechanical engineering.

Length: 1 year

School starts in February and July

Language requirement: IELTS 6.5(6)

Academic requirements: Bachelor’s degree in engineering related to the field of application

Master of Engineering is a new one-year Master of Engineering program that was launched in July 2021. The major fields can be Bioengineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, materials engineering and Mechanical engineering.

  • Master of Professional Engineering

Majors: Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Materials Engineering; Mechanical Engineering
Length of schooling: 2-3 years
School starts in February and July
Language requirement: IELTS 6.5(6)
Academic requirements: 3-year: Bachelor’s degree in science or related field; Chemical Engineering: Mathematics (calculus, linear algebra, etc.), chemistry; Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical direction: Mathematics (calculus, linear algebra, etc.), physics; Materials Engineering: Requires mathematics (calculus, linear algebra, etc.), physics or chemistry (optional). 2 years: Bachelor of Engineering degree in related field.

The two-year program is suitable for students with engineering undergraduate background and certain professional foundation. The three-year program is suitable for students with science related background, especially the basic knowledge in chemical engineering can improve the technical ability.


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