Federation University Australia scholarships and popular subjects

The Federation University Australia works closely with many online technology institutes and TAFEs in Australia. In academic teaching, the Federation University Australia focuses its research on information security, preventive healthcare and practice for improving vocational education and training. With regard to degrees, students can purse a wide range of undergraduate degree options, including areas such as humanities and social sciences, engineering, business, science and mathematics.

Federation University Australia is a public university in Australia, and it is the only regional government school in Victoria that offers higher education, vocational training and major research programs. In addition, in the curriculum structure setting, Federation University will closely contact with the needs of related industries, including internship, to cultivate outstanding graduates who meet the needs of the market.


Federation University Australia offers wide range of scholarships for international students, including Innovations Scholarships, Project performing prize, FedExcellence scholarship, FedSTEM Women scholarship and so on.

  • International Students Global Innovator Scholarship

Global Innovator Scholarship is offered to international students who commence in a Federation University program in 2022. On accepting the offer into the program, acceptance of the scholarship is automatic.

Value: 20% of the annual tuition fees of an undergraduate or postgraduate program

Course delivery locations: Ballarat, Berwick, Brisbane, Gippsland, Online and Wimmera.

Duration: Applied for the duration of the program.

Eligibility criteria:

-Applicants must be prospective international students

-Enrolling as a commencing student in semester 1,2 or summer semester in 2022

-Eligible to study in Australia with a valid visa

  • Global Excellence Scholarship

Global Excellence Scholarship is offered to eligible high achieving international students with a distinction average.

Value: 25% of annual tuition fee for the duration of program

Course delivery locations: Ballarat; Berwick; Brisbane; Gippsland; Wimmera

Eligibility criteria:

-Applying for on-campus undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs

-Distinction average GAP

  • Education Student Placement Grant

Placement grants for third, fourth and masters program education students to support pre-service teachers to access positive learning experiences in rural and outer regional Victorian government schools, students are more likely to consider ongoing employment in these schools after graduation.

Value: up to $200 per week for the number of placement weeks (maximum of $1600)

Course delivery locations: Ballarat, Berwick. Brisbane, Gippsland, Online and Wimmera

Eligibility criteria:

-Students enrolled in Education degrees i.e Bachelor of Education, Master of Education Bachelor of Health and PE

-Third or fourth undergraduate in Education and Masters Education Students only

-Undertaking a final and penultimate placement in rural and outer regional areas in Victoria

-Completing a placement at a public school

-Placement confirmed in InPlace

Experiencing financial hardship and/or disadvantage

-Travelling at least 80kms (one way) to placement


  • Credits transfer

If you are studying in China or have completed an associate’s degree, and now wish to complete an undergraduate degree in Australia, you can be granted credit deduction according to the subject comparison of the junior college courses you have studied, so as to realize the upgrade.

For graduates with a three-year associate’s degree who wish to continue undergraduate studies in a related major, students can usually receive credit credits of 1 to 1.5 years.

  • Pathways

Federation University Australia offers EAP, Foundation and higher education diploma programs. Especially for those who cannot directly meet the admission requirements of master programs, they can choose Graduate diploma programs.

Popular pathway courses include

-Graduate Certificate in Community and Social Services + Master of Social work (Qualified)

-Graduate Diploma in Mining + Master of Engineering Technology (Mining) 



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