China’s Ministry of Education has updated its new regulations on degree accreditation

On January 28, the official website of the Service Center for Study Abroad of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China updated the rules for the certification of cross-border remote diploma certificates during the epidemic:

1. At present, the borders of major study destinations have been opened, and institutions outside the country have fully resumed offline teaching. China’s Ministry of Education decided to cancel the special certification rules during the pandemic.

2. The Centre will no longer provide accreditation services for foreign diploma certificates obtained in the spring semester of 2023 (autumn semester of the Southern Hemisphere) and beyond, including the case of new admission and continued study.

If your school does not arrange in-person courses in the spring semester of 2023 (Southern Hemisphere Autumn Semester), please contact the school in time to confirm whether the remaining studies can be converted to offline learning.

If you can adjust in time, please be sure to return to school on time for the next semester; If you cannot adjust or your studies are about to end this semester, please keep the relevant supporting materials issued by the school and submit them when applying for accreditation, and our center will conduct a case-by-case evaluation accordingly.


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